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Click for Fashion at the Consumers Door Step

Dakshita Negi , Bhavesh Sharma , Jasleen Kaur

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Dakshita Negi , Bhavesh Sharma , Jasleen Kaur ,
Click for Fashion at the Consumers Door Step ,
International Research Journal of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies (, ISSN : 2582-8568, Volume: 2, Issue: 7, Year: July 2021, Page No : 200-206,
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The voyage of fashion business started centuries ago and has undergone many adventurous, exceptional bold paths breaking away from the rituals of routine often violating the traditionalist. In the days of yore, merchants used to wander around from manufacturer to retailers to small shopkeepers selling various wares. Later specific stores ventured into the world of fashion wear making accessibility of products easy from needle to yarn, unstitched cloth to stitched, cloth for all class of the public. This saved time of going to the outfitter again and again as the purchaser could now choose his ware in a maiden visit. The specific shops turned into multiple feature shops from retailer to departmental stores. The growth of the fashion world had an impact on the cultural choices. It also changed the psychological runway and societal thoughts. The fashion voyage also helped in the runways which become a crucial part to show the designs and to show the inner talents of the designer. It also helped in coming up with the new ideas in design and various types of merchandise, from manmade to synthetic yarn, to use of leather and even the use of metal such as silver and gold. Like many other industries around the world, fashion has a dark side. Exploitation of textiles, lack of diversity, and environmental degradation remain problems that the industry must do more to address. However, this huge creative industry has the potential to initiate a major change. While technological advances are undoubtedly exciting, there is also the human side of clothing that is becoming more and more appropriate in old age. Clothes contain memories and reflect our personality. There is a well-known proverb that it is clothes that make a man i.e. a well-dressed man always creates good impression on his peers. Fashion has the ability to change and shape lives through its personal connection with all of us.


Online Retailing, Fashion Industry, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Diversity, Runaways, Traditionalist, Virtual age

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Published Paper ID: IRJHIS2107032
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Published In: Volume: 2, Issue: 7, Year: July 2021
Page No: 200-206
ISSN Number: 2582-8568

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