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An Analysis of Financial Performance of Public Sector Banks In India Using Camel Rating System

Dr. Ramdas Lad , Dr. Nitin Ghorpade

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Dr. Ramdas Lad , Dr. Nitin Ghorpade ,
An Analysis of Financial Performance of Public Sector Banks In India Using Camel Rating System,
International Research Journal of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies (, ISSN : 2582-8568, Volume: 3, Issue: 6, Year: June 2022, Page No : 15-29,
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Indian banking sector is the backbone of Indian economy. Indian banking sector helps in the capital formation, innovation and money supply in the country. In this situation, it is important to carefully evaluate and analyze the performance of the banks to ensure a healthy financial system and an efficient economy. This current research attempts to evaluate the performance of select Public Sector Banks in India using CAMEL Rating System. The research is based on a sample of 18 Public sector banks for five year period from 2015 to 2019. This rating system is one of the most popular methods for measuring banking performance. CAMEL includes the parameter like Capital adequacy, Asset quality, Management quality, Earnings Quality and Liquidity. The research shows that overall Bank of Maharashtra has performed best amongst the selected banks and Ranked top position with composite average 14.85 and IDFC First Bank Ltd occupies last position amongst all selected banks with composite average 20.60.


CAMEL, Bank Rating System, Public Sector Banks, Performance Evaluation, Banking Sector

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Published Paper ID: IRJHIS2206003
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Published In: Volume: 3, Issue: 6, Year: June 2022
Page No: 15-29
ISSN Number: 2582-8568

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