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Ahara rasa – taste and its contemporary indicators of health effects

Dr. Narayan Vanaraj Patil

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Dr. Narayan Vanaraj Patil ,
Ahara rasa – taste and its contemporary indicators of health effects,
International Research Journal of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies (, ISSN : 2582-8568, Volume: 3, Issue: 6, Year: June 2022, Page No : 60-64,
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Food is the basic need of every living creature. All body mind functions to be carried out in sync are wholly dependent on the source of energy i.e. food. In Ayurveda the concept of food – Ahara had been discussed elaborately. The source of food origin reefing to the quality of the food and there upon having specific effect on the body functions are beautifully described in Ayurveda classics. The six Rasa – taste i.e. Madura (Sweet), Amla (sour), Lavana (Salty), Katu (spicy/hot), Tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (astringent) are been mentioned in Ayurveda and their dominant presence in the food have effect on body humors i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Also the dietary rules like Ashto ahara vidhivisheshayatana, and Virrudha Ahara guides us regarding the health beneficial utility of food to be ingested. In today’s contemporary world the food is considered as a taste satisfying agent rather than source of energy which when consumed rightly maintains sound health. A guiding brief discussion is done in present article about the Ayurvedic diets and harmful food practices which are to be corrected in order to get healthy mind and body.


Ahara, Ashto ahara vidhivisheshayatana, Virrudha Ahara

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Published Paper ID: IRJHIS2206008
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Published In: Volume: 3, Issue: 6, Year: June 2022
Page No: 60-64
ISSN Number: 2582-8568

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